-Multiple Specification

-Optional in W/needle, W/O needle

-Central Luer slip/Central Luer Lock/off-center Luer Slip-Special Design to Prevent Plunger Slipping Out.-Latex/Latex Free Piston.-Individual Blister Package


Luer Lock syringesLuer tip syringes
JV065cc, without needleJV132cc, without needle
JV0710cc, without needleJV142.5cc, without needle
JV0820cc, without needleJV153cc, without needle
JV0925cc, without needleJV165cc, without needle
JV1030cc, without needleJV1710cc, without needle
JV1150cc, without needleJV1820cc, without needle
JV1260cc, without needleJV1925cc, without needle
JV232cc, with needleJV2030cc, without needle
JV242.5cc, with needleJV2150cc, without needle
JV253cc, with needleJV2260cc, without needle
JV265cc, with needleJV332cc, with needle
JV2710cc, with needleJV342.5cc, with needle
JV2820cc, with needleJV353cc, with needle
JV2925cc, with needleJV365cc, with needle
JV3030cc, with needleJV3710cc, with needle
JV3150cc, with needleJV3820cc, with needle
JV3260cc, with needleJV3925cc, with needle
JV4030cc, with needle
JV4150cc, with needle
JV4260cc, with needle