Disposable Nebulizer


• With mask or Mouthpiece
• Made of medical PVC
• Without nose clip, face-fit shape
• Medium concentration
• Special design of mask with flexible connector, 360degree
rotation more convenient for use
• Nebulizer’s volume is 3cc, 6cc, 8cc, 10cc with anti-crush 7ft
• Supplied in PE bag, sterile or non-sterile

Keep working at 180 degree(Level condition)


•The Nebulizer bottle with the baffle is designed to perform the medicine a complete misting, leaving no residue of medicine.
•The micronebulizer can produce an aerosol particle size between 0.5 and 5 microns, with a gas flux between 6 LPM to 8 LPM.

Specification Ref.No.
 Adult     ( Mask type)  VCA0202
 Pediatric  (Mask type)  VCA0206
 With mouthpiece type  VCC0701