Microscope slide for immunohistochemistry


Material: Glass

Type: Hydrophobic Adhesion Coating & Hydrophilic Adhesion Coating



Hydrophobic Adhesion

  • The slide surface is hydrophobic
  • The slide surface can achieve higher density amino group, and significantly improve the glass slide’s adhesive and capturing abilities towards tissues sections and exfoliated cells.
  • The slide surface combines with the coating via the strong covalent bond, and overcome PLL and APS’s shortcomings of short shelf life.
  • Excellent performance in the fields of immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization, cytological detection, etc.


Hydrophilic Adhesion

  • This slide surface has a positive charge group and a hydrophilic group, so that it has good compatibility with bio-macromolecule and better adhesion, and the water-based reagent can be easily extended in the slide surface. When the tissue sections are in the process of extension, the hydrophilic surface allows moisture to be quickly removed, quickly reduces the air bubbles between tissue sections and glass slides, and increase the adhesion with glass slides.
  • In the process of immunohistochemical staining, this product has a very low back ground.

The products is particularly suitable for the automated immunohistochemical instrument(Such as Bench Mark/VENTANA Series), has a huge market prospect in the liquid-based cytology technology TCT and LCT.