Mucus Suction Set

Mucus suction tube is used by professional users generally for taking mucus sample for diagnosis and treatment of respiratory tract diseases, which is a sterile and disposable device with transient use. For single use. Latex Free. DEHP Free. Optional in following mould & capacity


-Separate screw top lid for safe sealing and handing of aspirate

-Soft, frosted & kink resistant PVC tubing

-Compatible with all suction catheters

-Suction Tube lengths available: 40cm,50cm, or customized

-Suction Tube sizes: From 6 FG to 14 FG

Mould B

-A graduated chamber with a double-entry cap, a conical connector and with hose.

-For patient information included.

-An additional cap is provided for safe storage of specimen

-Available with a transparent Ziploc-type plastic bag, which have the biosafety logo

Ref.No. Specification
MS25 Capacity 25ml
MS40 Capacity 40ml
MS70 Capacity 70ml