Ref. No.: 140206

The product with extension tube is used to lengthen the injection tube, to inject liquid sidelong, to measure the arterial pressure, to connect monitor and so on, Complete specifications and any lengths and fittings chosen by customer’s request.


– With male luer lock adapter ensuring a secure seal.
– Membrane arranged for the perfusion of liquids when pressed and when released it returns to its original shape maintaining an airtight seal.
– Proximal part, with female luer lock system that allows the adaptation of an infusion set and different calibers of syringes.
– Compatible with blood products, lipids and cytotoxics.
– Without excess material where traces of blood, germs or precipitates may remain.
– Free passage of liquids, with a residual or purge volume of 0.2 to 0.3 ml.
– Perfect finish, smooth, without sharp edges, scratches, free of metal parts and/or completely non-magnetic.
– Latex free.
– DEHP free.
– BPA free.
– Resistant.
– Sterile.
– Compatible for use in the presence of lipid solutions.
– Guarantees adequate use of no less than 3 days, allowing a range of activations between 360 and 600 activations.
– The length of the seal is 2.5 cm +/- 1 cm.
– With a short extension of 14 +-4 cm in length with male luer lock, transparent and flexible, fixed to the connector, sliding pressure clamp.