Oxygen Mask with Reservoir Bag

• Made of medical PVC.
• Adjustable nose clip.
• Medium concentration.
• Available with anti-crush 7ft.tubing.
• Available in volume of the reservoir bag: 1000mL for Adult, 600mL for Child.


Also known as non-rebreathing oxygen mask with reservoir bag
There is a check valve at the connection point between airbag and mask, when the patient exhaling, the check valve will be closed by the breathing gas, the oxygen from the oxygen tube can enter into the airbag freely; when the patient inhaling, both the oxygen in the oxygen tube and airbag can be inhaled in the mask.
It is capable of supplying an 85%-98% of FIO2 with flows between 8 -10 L/min

VCA0301Oxygen Mask with reservoir bag XL
VCA0302Oxygen Mask with reservoir bag L
VCA0303Oxygen Mask with reservoir bag M
VCA0304Oxygen Mask with reservoir bag S