Transparent Film Dressing


Transparent film dressing is made of high-permeable polyurethane(PU) film, with high moisture permeable medical degree acrylic adhesive and special coating technology, it can keep normal breath of the skin.


Used for I.V or IV catheter fixation, PICC fixation, indwelling needle fixation, arterial catheter fixation, eye dressing fixation, multi-catheter fixation.


Available in type for different use:

Standard frame type |with U-shape cut |with V-Shape cut |with pad

Available in size:

4.4cmx4.4cm, 5×5.7cm, 6x7cm, 7×8.5cm, 7x9cm, 7x10cm, 8.5cmx10.5cm, 9x12cm, 10×11.5cm, 10x12cm, 10x15cm, 10x20cm, 10x25cm, 15x20cm, 20x30cm

Paking: Individual packed in PE/paper bag.